O brave new world,
That has such people in't!

The Tempest, Act V: Sc. 1

Current Season




By R.N. Healey
Directed by Shannon Sindelar

March 6–15, 2014
The Brick Theater

An isolated convent in the woods of Vermont houses women of dubious faith. Their lives are a constant ritual of work, prayer and heavy drinking. A shiny car on the American highway houses air conditioning salesman Thomas “Tom” Bryant. His life is a constant ritual of hustling and love for American food products. An unexpected auto accident forces these seemingly disparate universes together with explosive results.




Cruel and Tender
By Martin Crimp
Directed by Shannon Sindelar

June 2014
New York premiere; performance details to be announced

Martin Crimp’s masterful adaptation of Sophocles’ Women of Trachis resonates with contemporary relevance. Themes of loyalty and paranoia in politics and family are viewed through the lens of modern day war. Crimp explores how terror can be both manufactured and suppressed, and the media’s influence over our perceptions.




This year Brave New World Rep launches NEW WORKS, a play initiative designed to help the company deepen its commitment to artists in our borough. Throughout the year, a staged reading series will showcase four Brooklyn writers’ work presented in diverse, environmentally-specific locations throughout Brooklyn.


Captain Mike
By Gary Winter
Directed by Kristan Seemel

October 13, 4:30p.m.
The Waterfront Museum

With: Craig A. Grant, Melissa Miller and Scott Voloshin
Stage Manager: Anne Huston

Captain Mike is a comedy about the fine art of irresponsibility, as well as unintended consequences. Mike is owner/captain of a small charter boat on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Growing up is not part of the plan for Mike: his best friend Dr. Lenny is a street musician on the docks, and he and his ex-wife Eve are happily co-dependent and oblivious to the increasing danger signs of their daughter’s erratic behavior. A seemingly minor incident at the docks triggers a series of events that tests the integrity of these relationships, and Mike’s commitment to willful ignorance.

Honey Drop
By Erin Courtney
Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll

April 13, 2014
Location TBA

Honey Drop follows a manic poet as she travels cross-country in a rented RV with a young man in search of her long lost son. From back yards, to trampolines, to pet cemeteries, the poet tries to outrun her own demons but finds they travel right alongside her.


By Kristoffer Diaz
Directed by Liesl Tommy

May 5, 2014
Location TBA

Sometimes life is too much to take. Sometimes it makes you do dumb things. Sometimes that dumb thing is killing someone. Sometimes when you kill someone, an army rises up in your name. Then you’ve got to deal with that. #therevolution is an extra dark comedy about two young women who accidentally take over the world and devote themselves to fixing it. Or just enjoying the fame. Either of those.


By Mark Sitko
Directed by Shannon Sindelar

Location and date TBA

Tipoldemoder explores man’s assumed authority over the animal kingdom by following four generations of a matriarchal family in Northern California. Elephants are hit by trains and butchered for their meat. Claws are removed from crawdads so that they can be used as bait. Turtles are fed vegetable slices and guinea pigs have seizures on their way to the vet. Elementary school sweethearts collect lady bugs on their bodies as a great grandmother attacks her own reflection in the mirror. The delusion that man controls all forms of life on this planet is shattered as the family loses one of their own.



These programs are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, as well as The Howard Gilman Foundation, The Brooklyn Community Foundation and many generous supporters.